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About Us


Schalk Smit – Degree in logistics with 15 years experience in logistics, air, road and sea imports and exports. Achieving senior management status and later on focused on Key accounts and projects management rolls. Previously owner of a construction company focusing on home improvement and new developments





 Project & Office Manager 


Sharene Smit -  Accomplished and talented information technology professional with extensive administration and project management experience.  Qualifications in Project Management, IT Interfaces & Financial Systems.  Problem solver and results-oriented.


Virtualliance started off and still continues to be a project partner for various service providers and customers alike, and has achieved major success and is considered a pivotal part of their business and project success. Virtualliance is equally competent on solo and joint venture projects and service and business ethics is never an option but a solid component forging the multi part alliance.

What we Do

Virtualliance is multi experienced company and therefore we can offer a vast array of services in the security, data, telecoms, access control environment. We deal with a vast array of suppliers and service providers but always align ourselves with service providers and products that are dedicated to after sales service and support.


Virtualliance is driven by Ethics, Motivated by Excellence and takes pride in service delivery.Our staff and knowledge as our engine, Ethics as our map, our clients as our fuel and service excellence as our destination, the journey can only end in success.

Business goals & objectives

Virtualliance is driven to empower our staff through ongoing training and skills development. We always look at new and innovative ways to empower ourselves to benefit our customers and clients alike. Our objective is to become the leader in service delivery in the security industry. 

Virtualliance positions itself as being complementary to our customers' personnel, offering a totally objective set of guidelines to ensure that immediate and long- term goals are achieved, and provide the capacity and capability to provide turnkey services for the implementation of Security and Information Technology projects.